That First Day

That very first day where you decide to spend the rest of your life together. In sickness and health. For richer, for poorer.

The most important day of your life.

It is a memorable day and it is unique for each couple. 

For this special day you need wedding flowers that represent your own personality and style. 

We at Yesca’s Flowers firmly believe in having a personal relationship with our brides and grooms in order to make their wedding day both memorable and unique. After the first introduction you are invited for an in-depth consultation to discuss all the particulars of your wedding day right down to the tiniest detail. We ask our couples to make mood-boards and to think about what scent they would like to remember their day by. This enables us to make up your own unique fragrance profile. 

We aim to catch your personality as a couple and let it shine through in the ambiance of the day. 

Homegrown Seasonal Wedding Flowers

On our farm we have both heirloom varieties as wildflowers present. We also provide a selection of evergreen foliage throughout the year. We aim to provide you with homegrown flowers that are in season on the day of your wedding. 

Especially during the growing season (March-October) the abundance of flowers on our fields gives ample choice to the happy couple. However it is good to keep in mind that our Irish climate is changeable. This means that our flower season can differ from year to year with some varieties blooming better one year than others. This sometimes leaves us without the preferred flowers of the bride. If we cannot provide the flowers ourselves we provide the choice to use different flowers that are present, we try to source them locally or we buy them in from abroad. 

We offer flowers for the Bridal Party, the Ceremony and the Venue. We can style for the entire day or only a part of it. We handpick all your flowers the day before the wedding in order to bring them to you as fresh as possible. Our style is whimsical and romantic. Perfectly fitted for bespoke weddings, vintage style weddings and natural weddings. 

Home grown, Hand Tied, Fragrant Flowers

Tailored To Your Needs

Every wedding is different. Some people need to stick more to a budget, others elope and others again prefer to have a high end celebration. Some brides prefer a lot of foliage in their bouquets and others prefer flowers only. Some brides have multiple bridesmaids, others have one or even none.  

Because every bride is unique and every wedding is special we feel that a bridal package is too confined. We aim to tailor your requests into unique creations suited to your needs.

We do however work with standard cut-off prices. If budget is a problem or if you are a real DIY bride talk to us about picking your own. This option is only available during certain times of the year.