Valentine's Day 2019


Being new to this whole floristry and farming life I am having a bit of a dilemma… Valentine’s Day is coming up.

Both Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are the biggest cash crops for many florists outside of the wedding season. Unfortunately, there are not many flowers growing at this time of year. Especially not in these areas. It is too cold and windy here up the mountain. We have a lot of evergreens for foliage, crocuses, daffodils and some hyacinths. Beautiful in their own right but Valentine’s Day worthy is another story.

To keep up with demand florists import flowers. This means that they buy flowers coming from different countries where temperatures are fit for growing at this time of year. The only problem is that those countries could have very different rules and regulations regarding use of artificial fertilisers, preservatives and pesticides.

“Flowers you buy in the store are often treated with chemicals to make them last longer”

Yesca’s Flowers has always strived to bring flowers as natural as possible to the market. On our own flowers we don’t use any chemicals to help them grow. Neither do we use preservatives to let the flowers last longer. If there was a necessity to buy stock it was always done with the highest regard for land of origin and our customers were always informed which flowers were ‘bought in’.

A pretty high goal I have found out over the last year. Our business is not that big yet. We are momentarily not setup to provide year-round flowers. Hopefully we will in a few years’ time but for the moment we need to make do with what’s in front of us.

I rather not miss out on a potential cash crop, especially early in the year when all our hard-earned cash from last year is invested in an expanding business. Therefore, we have decided that we will still provide beautiful bouquets made locally this Valentine. Anything imported is either from Dutch or Irish ground and 95% of the greenery will be our own. We can’t make it any better than that, but we can ensure you the most beautiful blooms with our own unique twist bound together perfectly for you.

For you, the one who is reading this, I have a challenge this Valentine’s Day. If you have decided to surprise your loved one with flowers don’t go for the obvious choice. Maybe step away from the dozens of roses you find at the large supermarket chains this year. Step into your local florist. Or even better: go to your local flower farmer and ask them for seasonal alternatives. You will get a much more sustainable bunch and you will be helping the local flower growers’ industry. We are a hard-working bunch that really care about what we do. And our bouquets are unique and nothing like you have ever seen before. And isn’t that what it is all about this Valentine? Your partner is absolutely worth it.

You will find your local florist with a simple Google-search. To get in contact with a flower farmer close to you, simply click this link. You will hopefully find us there too very soon. Keep up the great work you have been doing to support your local business and enjoy your (Valentine’s) Day!

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