Meet The Team


Muddy wellies, dirty fingernails and lots of flowers. That just about sums Jiska up. She is the founder and face of Yesca’s Flowers. She is literally present in every aspect of the business. She does not only make bouquets and arrangements but is also involved in farmer’s markets, wedding fairs, finance, webdesign, social media, seed sowing, planting, weeding and harvesting. And to top it all up there is that part-time job on the side as well. A very busy bee so to say. She is absolutely passionate about flowers. Her favorites are sunflowers and lavender and she grows them in abundance during the summer months.


This fellow is very hard to get on camera. Let’s call him our John Doe of the moment (or maybe Houdini specialist). Hence a lovely picture of our two doggies instead. Maurice likes to stay behind the scenes and that is where his strength lies. He offers help when needed especially during bigger projects and makes sure Jiska and the business will stay on focus. You could say that he is at the heart of it all. 


Lucy joined our team in the fall of 2018 and since then we haven’t looked back. She helps with everything farming. Her relatives have a floristry business so she has been among flowers from a very early age. She loves all things floral and has a keen eye and an enthusiasm that conquers all difficulties. You will find her back on the farm during the growing season. She also lends a hand with weddings and larger orders. It didn’t take long for the family to take her in and we love her to bits. 


Another picture-shy person. Paul lives about 900 miles away from the business but is at the same time very much involved. With a degree in project management and business studies and more than 20 years in the trade he knows everything there is to know about business. Combine that with an additional degree in agriculture and you have the perfect mentor. Paul is an avid gardener in his spare-time and knows a lot about different growing systems. Any question or problem and he is only a phone call away. The business would not have been there without his support and dedication.