Local and Seasonal

There is something inherently different about a farmer’s market. There is ambiance, fresh air and products you won’t find in any other store. Truth be told the weather can sometimes put a damper on the physical appearance of the market. But not on the stallholders moods. 

We are always ready for you with a kind word and great enthusiasm about our products. We sell homegrown produce or hand crafted items for your home and garden. And with our products it is all about the background stories. 

Yesca’s flowers has been an enthusiastic participant of farmer’s markets right from the start. We offer handpicked sustainably grown flowers fresh from the fields and we know our products inside out.

From seed to harvest we are intricately involved with our blooms’ growing cycle. We know it when they need an extra feed, we know when to protect them from harsh winds and frost. But most importantly we know exactly when to harvest them giving you the freshest flowers that last the longest.

What We Offer

We offer you flowers that are in season. Tulips, Daffodils and Helleborus in early spring, combined with evergreens. This is followed up by the addition of Anemones, Ranunculus, Catkins and Flowering branches. We also have potted plants available around this time of the year to add an extra splash of colour to your garden.

During the summer months we have a plethora of blooms. Sunflowers, Roses, Lavender, Snapdragons and Zinnia’s and various wildflowers to name a few. From about May-June we start introducing the mixed flower bouquets and the tubers and bulbs for the summer bloomers. We also slowly start making hanging baskets on request.

Late summer will give you the much sought for Dahlias with their large flower heads and oceans of wildflower foliage and grasses. Black-Eyed-Susans are also popular. 

Autumn gives a late flush of beautiful colours and we incorporate them all in our bouquets. Spring bulbs are being sold from about September onwards. Potted plants are being prepared for the following spring.

We grow what is available throughout the year on 0.6 acres. Stock is limited and subject to demand. 


Farmer's Markets This Year

Food Producers Market

Fridays 10-2, The Market Square, Killarney 


Tralee Farmer’s Market 

Saturdays 10-2, Brandon Car Park, Tralee


Contact: 087 701 1287